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Data Link Simulator

Data Link Simulator

Simulates communications facilities

Built into a standard lunchbox PC

PC can be used for other purposes

70 data rates from 1,200 bps to 2.048 Mbps

Inserts delays up to 10 seconds in each direction

Inserts errors and timing slips in each direction

User-defined test sequences

Five pairs of interfaces: RS232, RS422/RS530, V.35, DS1 (T-1) and G.703 (2.048 Mbps)

Comprehensive help screens







The Telinc Data Link Simulator simulates a communications link, inserting delays and introducing errors so users can determine what effects these impairments will have on their systems. The Simulator is built into a PC and includes on-line help screens that make it easy to use, without training and without reference to any manual. The PC is a standard 486 portable which can be used for other purposes.

The Telinc Simulator can be used in many applications including testing protocols and error correction techniques, checking new equipment prior to field installation and measuring performance and reliability in various operating environments. It can simulate a variety of communications facilities including:

A leased line with modems on each end

A DDS line with CSU/DSUs on each end

A T-1 line with T-1 CSUs on each end

A satellite facility with modems on each end

A 2.048 Mbps facility with DTUs (Digital Terminating Units) on each end


The Simulator includes five pairs of interfaces as standard equipment: RS232, RS422/RS530, V.35, DS1 (T-1) and G.703 (2.048 Mbps). It can introduce propagation delays in either or both directions and can inject timing slip, bit, burst, frame and block errors in either or both directions. Propagation delays can be up to 9.999 seconds per direction for speeds up to 64 Kbps and up to 1 second per direction for speeds from 72 Kbps to 2.048 Mbps. Delays, errors and speeds can be different in each direction. The Simulator can also execute a user-defined sequence of tests.

The Data Link Simulator is easy to use. All operating parameters, including interfaces, speeds, delays, errors and control signals are illustrated on a single PC screen. Parameters are selected by scrolling through values stored in the Simulator. Up to 49 configurations for each interface can be stored.

All operations can be performed with only a few keys which are defined at the bottom of every screen. A two-line description appears on the screen explaining each parameter as it is selected. At any point, the user can get help by hitting the H key. Examples are illustrated for various configurations. In addition to operating instructions, service and warranty information is available on line.


70 standard from 1,200 bps to 2.048
Interfaces, two each

DS1, AMI/B8ZS format
V.35/G703 adapter
DB25P 25-pin female connector
DB25P 25-pin female connector
DB15P 15-pin female connector

34-pin Winchester female connector
Dual BNC connectors
Propagation Delays

Up to 9.999 seconds per direction for speeds up to 64 Kbps

Up to 1 second per direction for speeds from 72 Kbps to 2.048 Mbps

Delay is selectable in 1 millisecond increments
RTS/CTS Delays Up to 1 second in 1 millisecond increments

Bit errors
Burst errors
Block errors
Frame errors
Error seconds fixed
Error seconds random
Manual timing slip
Manual bit error
Timing Internal, external and locked
Control Signals

Request to Send (RTS)
Clear to Send (CTS)
Data Set Ready (DSR)
Carrier Detect (CD)
Data Terminal Ready (DTR)

486 portable with 40M byte hard drive and 4M byte RAM
one 1.44 byte (3.5") drive
paper white LCD display
one serial interface and one parallel interface

115 VAC

9.45" H x 7.9" D x 15.7" W

24 pounds

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